What are Merchandise Boards?

Merchandise boards play like coin boards but without the coins as prizes. Merchandise prizes can vary from very small to very large prizes.

Merchandise boards are also played with color-coded numbers or symbols pull tabs or jar tickets. The color-coded numbered tickets correspond to color-coded numbers or symbols on the board.

Here's how a typical game works. If a player has a blue number on a ticket that
matches a blue number on the board, then the player wins. The winner gets the prize indicated. This can be cash and/or merchandise. If a player has a matching red numeral, they can sign up on the board for a chance to win the seal prize (the seal prize is the prize under the seal on the board - some games have multiple seals for multiple winners). The seal prize winner is not revealed until the last ticket has been sold, at that time the seal will be revealed. The sign-up sheet ensures that all your tickets will be sold. The seal prize(s) can be cash or merchandise.


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