What are Coin Boards?

Coin boards are small games of chance used by eligible organizations to raise funds.
Coin boards are generally played with color-coded numbered pull tabs or jar tickets.
The color-coded numbered tickets correspond to color-coded numbers on the coin board.
Tickets typically cost $1.00 per play. Our game packages will range from 880 tickets to
4000 tickets. Game packages are designed to payout a minimum of 65% in cash and
merchandise to the players. After game cost, clubs average 20 - 25% profit.
Here's how a typical game works. If a player has a blue number on a ticket that
matches a blue number on the coin board, then the player wins. The winner gets
the coin, the prize value listed under the coin, and instant cash. If a player has a
matching red number, they can sign up on the board for a chance to win
the seal prize - cash and/or merchandise. (The seal prize is the prize under the seal on
the coin board - some games have multiple seals for multiple winners). The seal prize
winner in not revealed until the last ticket has been bought. The sign-up sheet ensures
that all your tickets will be sold.



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